This is actually a place called Tov Appliances.

Here’s a Kosher pizza place. Probably good if you’re a vegetarian, as well.

This is most of the Moon Motel. I’d love to see inside, but I suppose it’s pretty much like all the other inexpensive motels. I wonder if Indian people run it? In the midwest, that is very common.

I think this is an odd name for a sushi place, but that might just be me.

Italian ice places are a dime a dozen here, but this one has an especially cute exterior.

This is the first place we ate at here. The owner told me he’s been there for 35 years. But he still has a fairly thick Italian accent.

Interestingly to me, even though a majority of the shops are run by Italian-Americans, or Orthodox Jews, the gas station people still mostly wear turbans. There is also a Mexican area to the south, but I haven’t had an occasion to go that direction yet.