April 2006

Here are some snapshots of downtown Lakewood and the area. I haven’t labelled them, because they’re just general scene shots. I can tell you that Clifton Avenue has a strong mixture of Orthodox Jewish shops and Mexican ones mixed in with fading but somewhat unique Americana. And the town hall, which I don’t have photos of, boasts some interesting history of the town in the main hall. I got a brochure for visitors from which I will scan a few pictures, just for the fun of it.

driving around


I don’t have a lot to say about the house, other than it’s really fine for an interim stay. I’m glad it’s nice, but not so nice that I’ll regret leaving it in 28 months.

Here are some pictures of the outside, and the kitchen. Start here, then click on the link at the bottom to continue the tour.

Next up, pictures of downtown Lakewood.