June 2006

I took the boys to the Cape May Zoo on Friday, and on Sunday, the girls and I went to New York and visited the Central Park Zoo while we were there. It has nothing on the other zoo, but was a pretty place to spend a little time for Liv’s birthday. The rainforest area was pretty good. We might have enjoyed it all more on a cooler day, though.


This bit of woods surrounds a long bridge that connects the main part of the zoo to the “safari” area. It was lovely and quiet.

link to their website in previous post.

This was a very good zoo, and charged no admission. I took a ton of pictures and just want to share a few here. They’re just zoo animals, but we enjoyed the setting, and it was such a perfect day, sunny and almost-hot.

Mets won 5-4, sweeping the series. It was exciting. There were many Mets fans there, especially in our section, and there was a very unexpected rain delay, and we all had a great time.

The first one is a theater. I forget the name, but I took a picture of the sign, and that’s in the camera waiting to be downloaded. The Jefferson Memorial and White House were taken at a fairly great distance, so it was hard to get them sharp.

Department of Commerce

Jen and Genny on a red carpet at a theater (in the above post,) Amanda holding a crappy sculpture, the WW2 memorial, and a view from there to the Lincoln memorial.

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