You can see that some of the pictures in the latest posts look really off-center. That’s because they’re too wide for this window, so WordPress just hacks off the end. I have to make them smaller from now on.

Here’s me at the beach. This weekend I am adding a few of my girls.


Here is a picture of my bedroom wall with a new painting I just did. I can’t paint these walls, or, well, I can, but it would be a waste of time, so the picture doesn’t look as good as it might. Also, you can glimpse a bit of the horrid wallpaper on the outside wall. It is the exact opposite of anything I could be coerced into pasting onto a wall or any other surface.

This is a famous clock tower at the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City.

Here’s the view from some mid-town Hilton we stayed at in New York. The building across the street is one of the branches of the public library, as I recall.

Tallest building in the city.

super yummy barbecue. I layered the nearest intersection on top of it just for fun.

That’s where we ended up going camping. We needed to a) only be a few hours from home, and b) be able to bring the dog. That narrowed the choices considerably. But it was pretty and nice.

These pictures are larger, kb-wise, than normal. And many of them need captions in order to have any context and not be as boring as they are.

But mostly it was just me, connecting with the world I really belong in, the private universe of nature. I hope you feel a little connected to it as well.